JM Racing offers suspension valving and service for all size riders and bikes.

Fork/Shock Revalve
$200.00 (both forks) Plus parts.

$200.00 (shock) Plus parts.
Revalve service sets up your bike’s suspension for riding conditions, rider ability, and rider weight.
*Out of state orders that are received by Monday are usually shipped out on Friday.

Fork Service
$130.00 labor. Oil and parts extra

Shock Service
$130.00 labor. Oil and parts extra

JM Racing Suspension “How To” Set Sag:

Unloaded measurement: the first step toward determining proper suspension adjustment is to set the rear spring preload so that the proper ride height, or race sag dimension, is achieved. For this adjustment procedure, the bike should be brought to normal racing weight- correct fuel, transmission oil and coolant levels. The shock should be cool to the touch, as heat build up will directly affect your sag. Using the tape measure provided, measure the unloaded dimension when your bike is supported by a stand and the rear wheel is off the ground. Measure the distance from the rear axle up to fixed point in line with the arc of the axle. Usually the fender and side panel junction. You can put a mark on the fender, which lines up with an even number to make it easier. Write down as a dimension A (example: 605mm)

Loaded measurement: Place the motorcycle on level ground. Next measure the loaded dimension with the rider aboard, wearing all normal riding gear. Bounce your weight on the seat a couple of times to help the suspension overcome any stiction and settle a good reference point straight up from the pegs. Sit directly above the pegs and keep all of your weight on the seat while using your feet just to balance. Ask a helper to measure from the same to points (example:502mm)


-Loaded =502 mm

Race sag =103mm